PAD London 2023, Booth C11

Color Constellations

10/10/2023 — 15/10/2023

Color Constellations

Group Exhibition, PAD London 2023

Berkeley Square, booth C11, 10-15.10.2023

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Sébastien Caporusso, Florence Coenraets, Marie Corbin, Vincent Fournier, Foyer Brisé, Garnier & Linker, Kaspar Hamacher, Pao Hui Kao, Katherine Huskie, Jin Kuramoto, Isaac Monté, Bela Silva, Ann Beate Tempelhaug, Vera Vermeersch, Joost van Bleiswijk, Kiki van Eijk, Fabian von Spreckelsen, Quentin Vuong

Color Constellations have always been a profound inspiration for artists and designers. Bright and radiant, these colors not only express emotions but also intertwine in intricate patterns. Reds evoke sentiments of love and passion; blues mirror the depths of the sea; greens resonate with nature within this vast canvas of creativity. Indeed, color plays a pivotal role in both contemporary fine and applied arts, wielding the power to stir emotions, convey narratives, and establish visual harmony.In the realm of fine art, color dictates the ambiance. Take, for instance, Vincent Fournier’s photographs “Flora Incognita”and “Auctus Animalis”, or Ann Beate Tempelhaug’s painted ceramic wall sculptures “Mirage” and “Ultra”. There is also Vera Vermeersch’s hand-tufted kakemonos “Un profumo di terra e di vento”, Bela Silva’s vibrant acrylic, gouache, and Indian ink work on paper titled “Endless Line” and Florence Coenraets’s “Immersion V” feather painting. Masters of their craft, these artists from Spazio Nobile have the innate ability to channel the soul’s profoundest emotions. In the realm of contemporary applied arts and design, the magic of color serves a dual purpose: aesthetics and functionality. This duality is manifested in the sophisticated shimmer of Kiki van Eijk’s “Civilized Primitives Desk” and “Civilized Primitives Candle Holder” and Joost van Bleiswijk’s “Meccanic Construction” standing lamp imbuing spaces with an ambiance that is both ethereal and grounded. Color extends beyond mere visual appeal. It resonates with tactile sensations like in the faceted allure of Fabian von Spreckelsen’s Corten steel sculpture. The tangible appearance of color shines in Garnier & Linker’s “Diatomée”, where 20 molten glass shades come alive. Katherine Huskie’s radiant squeezed glass pieces “Echinus” and “Cassito” and Isaac Monté’s “Crystallized” sculpture vases further emphasize this visual impact. There is a dynamic play of color and material in Sébastien Caporusso’s “Luna Rossa” marble table and terrazzo creations, Quentin Vuong’s hand gouged “Nocturne” credenza adorned with 10cc white gold, and the Venetian artistry of the “Murano Leaf ” mirror, a collaboration with Barbini Specchi’s workshop—a Master of Art and Craft since the 16th century. Marie Corbin offers a stark contrast with her unglazed porcelain “Vase Pierre”, highlighting the sheer whiteness of kaolin. Bela Silva’s glazed ceramic coffee tables, “A la Playa” and “Erizos de Mar”, are a testament to the vibrancy of radiant hues. Similarly, it’s noteworthy that our perception of color is not just sensory but also deeply cultural. Some designs, drawing inspiration from Eastern traditions, underscore this cultural interplay. Pao Hui Kao’s “Paper Pleats” and “Lacquer Leaf ” are masterful renditions using tracing paper and the traditional Urushi lacquer paint. Jin Kuramoto’s “The Bamboo Chair” epitomizes craftsmanship with its varnished, bent, and woven bamboo, handcrafted in Taiwan. The color relationships in this Group Exhibition “Color Constellations” amplify themes of joy, vitality, and enlightenment, weaving intricate stories without uttering a single word. The hope is for visitors to connect deeply with these art and design works and their rich emotional and symbolic nuances.

Lise Coirier, October 2023.

Featured artist(s)

Associated artworks

Vincent Fournier 
Phasme Sémaphore (Phasmatodea lucidus)

Vincent Fournier 
Panthère Nostalgique (Panthera Melancholia)

Vincent Fournier 
Elephant Mirari (Elephantus mirari)

Garnier & Linker 
Diatomée Colvert

Garnier & Linker 
Diatomée Blue Sky

Garnier & Linker 
Diatomée Orange

Garnier & Linker 
Diatomée Citrin

Pao Hui Kao 
Blue Urushi Paper pleats stool High

Katherine Huskie 
Echinus Large in Wine Red

Isaac Monté 
Crystallized #06

Isaac Monté 
Crystallized #39

Isaac Monté 
Crystallized Very Large Sea Green

Joost van Bleiswijk 
Joost’s Meccanic Constructions Floor Lamp

Fabian von Spreckelsen 
German Pointer

Kaspar Hamacher 
The Long Black Chiseled Bench

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