Mirage (Luftspeiling)

by Ann Beate Tempelhaug

Ceramic wall installation
Stoneware porcelain, glaze
182 x 111 x 15 cm / 71,65 x 43,70 x 5,90 in

Unique piece signed by the artist on the back of the ceramic

Mirage (Luftspeiling) evokes the celestial light that passes through the clouds, an atmospheric phenomenon in which warm air is less dense than cold air, letting through beams of light that create a fairy-tale effect in the sky and in the eyes. Like trompe-l’œil or an optical illusion, the mirage lets an image appear as if in a mirror. Tempelhaug’s palette is soft and rich in pastel tones, akin to the refraction of light in a rainbow.

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About the artist

Ann Beate Tempelhaug

Ann Beate Tempelhaug was born in Mosjøen in northern Norway. She graduated from the Bergen School of Art and Crafts, […]

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