Founded in 2008 by Lise Coirier, TLmag celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2018. For more than a decade, the magazine, published by Spazio Nobile, has been widely-recognised as a high-end, biannual publication that captures and contextualises art and design, and connects them to the vibrant contemporary collector culture. Published in French and English, each edition focuses on a specific theme, while TLmag Online Magazine mirrors the ethos of print issues with reviews and interviews which are deepening the biannual magazine’s content and enriches its critical eye and perspective. Extraordinary, diverse and abundant, TLmag advocates for authenticity, transcending different disciplines, from the contemporary applied arts, to design and photography and revealing their hidden intersections and narratives. TLmag becomes an essential resource for an ever-growing creative community – art and design-driven readers, creative professionals, artists, designers, architects, landscape and urban planners, philosophers, students, brands, art and design museums and institutions in search of precise, exceptional and unequalled creation.

Upcoming talks:

TLmag 36 AH/AW 2022 (released in Dec): Tout est Paysage /All is Landscape at Librairie Yvon Lambert, Paris, on Thursday 17th March 2022

Upcoming print issues:

TLmag 37 PE/SS 2022 (release in May): L’Âge d’Or / The State Of Gold. Guest Editor: Marco Sammicheli

TLmag 38 AH/AW 2022-2023 (release in November): Manufacts / Manufactum. Guest Editor: Giulio Ridolfo

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TLmag #37 L’Âge d’Or /The State of Gold

TLmag #37
L’Âge d’Or /The State of Gold

  Couvertures de gauche à droite /Covers from left to right: 1 — Joseph Beuys, Capri-Batterie, 1985, 172/ 200, ampoule […]

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