Marcia Bjornerud: Sedimentary Thoughts

Marcia Bjornerud: Sedimentary Thoughts

Stephen Burks: Shelter In Place

Jörg Bräuer: Lithologie MMXXII

Lionel Estève: What the Day Hides, The Night Shows

Amy Hilton: Questions of Energy

Strange Clay: Ceramics in Contemporary Art

Gold Fever

In Praise of Caves

Gold and Religious Rituals: The Cult of Syncretic Material

Asia NOW Preview

Frida Kahlo: Beyond Appearances

Fabienne Verdier: Chercheuse d’Or

Tessa and Tara Sakhi: I Hear You Tremble

EDIT Napoli: The ‘Fair’ Design Fair

PAD London 2022

Venini: Light 1921-1985

Sumie García Hirata: A Different Landscape


Roca Gallery: Taking Care

François Halard: Aurum

Amy Hilton: Subtle Energy

Brussels Gallery Weekend 2022

Kiki Smith: Stardust Skin

Ernst Gamperl: Oak Vessels