Murano Leaf

by Quentin Vuong

Venitian mirror
Murano handmade cut silver glass, silver and wood 87 x 67 x 40 cm / 34,25 x26,37 x 15,74in
Edition 8 +2 AP for Spazio Nobile
Numbered and signed by the designer
In collaboration with Barbini Specchi

The mirror Murano Leaf is a composition of intricate layers of Murano glass, a fusion of organic shapes and an array of captivating colors. These layers, silvered on the back, seamlessly merge, offering a sense of depth and a mesmerizing blend of tonalities. Inspired by the intricate patterns found in tree bark and the graceful entanglement of leaves at the crown of a tree, the resulting effect resembles a vibrant camouflage, adorned with intense hues. Mirrors are for Quentin Vuong, akin to opening windows into a vibrant, ever-changing world, bearing witness to the passage of time and the kaleidoscope of colors it brings. Crafted by AAV Barbini Specchi Veneziani, a distinguished enterprise with a rich history in Venetian mirror craftsmanship, Murano Leaf signifies a blend of tradition and innovation, bringing forth the epitome of Venetian mirror artistry into contemporary design.

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Quentin Vuong

Quentin Vuong is a designer-scenographer whose aesthetic approach seeks to compose with matter, texture and form in order to create […]

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