Echo #11

by Foyer Brisé
  Studio Photography
  Studio Photography

Sculptural vessel
Mixed media on porcelain
27 x 16 x 16 cm / 10,62 x 6,29 x 6,29 in Edition 11/20 +2 AP
Numbered and signed by the artist

The creations of Foyer Brisé are delicate collages of personal and shared experiences, seen from the point of view of their creator. Echo, a new series of unique pieces in a random edition for Spazio Nobile, lies between the remnants of what they were or what they refer to… and the dream of what they could become. These porcelain vessels contain a mix and match of art and design references (history of Chinese porcelain, Hella Jongerius, Martin Margiela i.c.w. Inge Grognard, Dries van Noten, etc.) and private memories, captured in the craftsmanship, Borgerhout aesthetic and salvage of broken pieces. There is layers of enamels and under-glazes, nail varnish, silver leaf, insulation blankets, coloured pencils, mineral paint…

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Foyer Brisé
Nederlands , 2022

Established in 2022, ‘Foyer Brisé’ is a continuation of the autonomous designs of two anonymous designers. After working as a […]

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