Foyer Brisé

Born (°2022) and lives in Nederlands

Established in 2022, ‘Foyer Brisé’ is a continuation of the autonomous designs of two anonymous designers. After working as a duo for fifteen years, they will continue the study on high-crafts in downfall under the name of ‘Foyer Brisé’. ‘Foyer Brisé’ uses brokenness as a point of departure in their work. Worthless and faulty at first glance, the labor-intensive pieces of ‘Foyer Brisé’ are delicate collages of personal and shared experiences as seen from the perspective of their creator. During Collectible, Foyer Brisé will present objects that are between remains of what they were (or refer to) and a dream of what they can become. They carry a mix of design and art references (history of Chinese porcelain, Hella Jongerius, Martin Margiela i.c.w. Inge Grognard, Dries van Noten, etc) and private memories, captured in high crafts, Borgerhout aesthetics and broken litter. They have a mix of glazes and underglazes, Foyer Brisé nail polish, white gold leaf, isolation blanket, colour pencils, concrete mineral paint and even Mon Chéri packaging. Each carafe has the title, number, date and time of creation that Foyer Brisé has written on it.

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