Christmas Sunday Brunch in town: Spazio Nobile Gallery & Studiolo with Jörg Bräuer & Fabian von Spreckelsen

Christmas Sunday Brunch in town: Spazio Nobile Gallery & Studiolo with Jörg Bräuer & Fabian von Spreckelsen

Living Ikebanas: Christmas & New Year Group Exhibition

Sunday Brunch Season XXIV – Jörg Bräuer, Lithologie & Fabian von Spreckelsen, Soul Memories

Spazio Nobile presents “Anima” at Luxembourg Art Week, Glacis Square, 10-13.11.2022

Opening of Season XXIX- Jörg Bräuer, Lithologie, on Thursday 17th November, 18-21.00

Opening Fabian von Spreckelsen, Soul Memories, on Thursday 17th November, 17-21.00

Visit Spazio Nobile at PAD London The Painterly, booth C9

After Work Apero  Spazio Nobile Gallery, Season XXIII- Amy Hilton, Subtle Energy

Season XXIII- Amy Hilton, Subtle Energy, Sunday Brunch @Brussels Gallery Weekend, 11th September, 12-18.00

Opening Season XXIII- Amy Hilton, Subtle Energy at Spazio Nobile, Brussels Gallery Weekend, 8th September

Finissage Sunday Brunch  Season XXII- Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk, Serendipity & Cor Unum in the Studiolo on 4th September

Spazio Nobile at PAD London, Berkeley Square, 10-16 October 2022

Spazio Nobile & Bela Silva, Brussels Art Square, Sablon Art District, 23-25.9.22, opening: 22.9.22

Upcoming Exhibition – Season XXIII- Amy Hilton, Subtle Energy, Brussels Gallery Weekend, Opening: 8.9.2022

Garden Sunday Brunch Finissage Spazio Nobile At Home, Tervuren, on Sunday 26th June 2022, 12-19.00 with TLmag & BRAFA

Midsummer Apero Night within Season XXII- Serendipity, in the presence of Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk, Wednesday 22th June, 18-21.00

Spazio Nobile at NOMAD Capri, Certosa Di Capri, 6-10 July 2022

Spazio Nobile at Homo Faber, Venice, Italy – Exhibition Next of Europe, curated by Jean Blanchaert & Stefano Boeri

Spazio Nobile At Home – Open Doors on Saturday 30th April – Sunday 1st May, 12-18.00

Season XXI- Bela Silva & Vera Vermeersch Duo Show, Arbre de Vie, Sunday Brunch on 24th April, 12-18.00, in the presence of Vera Vermeersch

Opening Season XXI – Arbre de Vie /Tree of Life, Bela Silva & Vera Vermeersch, Thursday 31st March 2022, 18-21.00

Open Doors Spazio Nobile At Home on Sunday 13th March 2022, 12-18.00

Spazio Nobile at PAD Paris, Les Tuileries, Paris, 5-10 April 2022, Tactilités contemplatives /Contemplative Tactility

Spazio Nobile At Home, Tervuren, Group Exhibition, 27th November 2021 until 29th May 2022