PAD London 2022, Group Show

The Painterly

10/10/2022 — 16/10/2022

Spazio Nobile Gallery is pleased to present, for its first participation with PAD London, the group show “The Painterly: Embodying Freedom”, with work by Sébastien Caporusso, Florence Coenraets, Jesper Eriksson, Foyer Brisé, Formes Libres, Garnier & Linker, Kaspar Hamacher, Sebastian Herkner, Pao Hui Kao, Katherine Huskie, Åsa Jungnelius, Jin Kuramoto, Bela Silva, Jacqueline Surdell, Ann Beate Tempelhaug, Adi Toch, Joost van Bleiswijk, Kiki van Eijk, Vera Vermeersch, Fabian von Spreckelsen and Philipp Weber, from October 10th to 16th on booth C9 at Berkeley Square in London. Through this presentation, the gallery lifts the veil on a sensitive and universal vocabulary that is rooted in our shared imagination. The materials, although raw and derived from earthly resources, are here worked with delicacy and sensitivity in a direct and tactile relationship to the body and mind. The use of colour, stroke and texture well defines Spazio Nobile and the sculptural works which are selected for this first participation of the gallery at PAD London. Cherishing the East and West cultural dialogue for its infinite versatility, Spazio Nobile explores the facets of a distinctive art form that has spread across the contemporary applied arts and design disciplines. Painterly means both semi-abstract and figurative in painting but can also be connected to contemporary objects and furniture with a soul. Engaging the entire being, Paper Pleats and Lacquer Leaf innovative layering process of paper and Urushi lacquer by artist designer Pao Hui Kao (TW) – finalist of the Loewe Craft Prize 2022 – dialogue with the hand-built colorful sculptures in glazed stoneware, Palme d’Or, Bird House, Crocodile, Red Owl, and the ink on paper Brussels, by Bela Silva (PT), the Filigree White Pendant lights by Philipp Weber (DE) blown at Berlin Glas and the sophisticated Wall Sheet Collage lightings by Joost van Bleiswijk (NL). Poetic and impressionistic, Jacqueline Surdell (US) draws upon her background as an athlete and painter to create rope woven tapestries and textile art pieces such as Mist In Lavender (Untitled Series) that twist and expand beyond the confines of the frame. Within these knots lie allusions to the subjects of each piece, left for the viewer to connect and unravel. Handtufted with wool and fluoacryl, Vera Vermeersch (BE) paints with yarns, a duo of kakemonos, Sul fresco della collina I&II, offering a panorama from her house overlooking the Piedmont Valley. Like a walk, she draws a slice of landscape that depicts the freshness of the hill in the early morning, when the landscape blossoms. From the South to the Nordic countries, Ann Beate Tempelhaug (NO) expresses her inner feelings and landscapes through her wall stoneware porcelain brushwork, There. By using clay, she is not limited by a standard canvas, nor are the compositions that she creates; silversmith Adi Toch (IS/UK) investigates the patination in her lustre vessels with the Blushed Whispering Vessel and Dimple Bowls; feather artist Florence Coenraets (BE) depicts her own imaginary landscapes with the diptych Immersion, and Formes Libres (BE) captures nature’s artefacts into 18k gold plated wall objects/jewelry. Most of the works on display are both introspective and expressive, appealing to the senses: Echo, mixed media on porcelain by Foyer Brisé (NL) are carrying art and design references to the Far East culture and fashion such as Martin Margiela and Dries Van Noten… in a mix of glazes and underglazes, nail polish and gold leaf; The Queen Helmets by Åsa Jungnelius (SE); Diatomée molten glass sculpture vases by Garnier & Linker (FR) and Katherine Huskie’s (UK) Echinus, Ostreum and Cassito, hand blown and squeezed glass works, are a trio of unique creations in a random collection exploring the figuration and metaphors around sea shells, diatoms and urchins. To complete the storytelling around the painterly, the chiseled burnt monoxyle bench and Der Stein by Kaspar Hamacher (BE), the Fossilized Coal Stools by Jesper Eriksson (SE/FI), the cabinet Comfort in eroded metal and leather by Fabian von Spreckelsen (DE) are revealing the essence and the patinas of sculpted natural materials. To complete the group show, the Ceramic Wall Story Mirror by Kiki van Eijk (NL), The Bamboo Chair by Jin Kuramoto (JP), The Bamboo Bridge Bench by Sebastian Herkner (DE) and Viola Verde Low Table made of an organic marble composition by Sébastien Caporusso (BE), are reinforcing the functionality, at the fringe of contemporary applied arts and fine art, stressing the artistic expression, the beauty and the aesthetics of the pictorial exploration of the artist’s works on display.

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Featured artist(s)

Associated artworks

Katherine Huskie 
Echinus Large in Wine Red

Pao Hui Kao 
Black UrushiPaper Pleats Low stool or Side table

Pao Hui Kao 
Urushi Paper Pleats High stool or Side table

Pao Hui Kao 
Red Urushi Paper Pleats Sideboard

Kaspar Hamacher 
Chiseled Black Bench

Bela Silva 
Palme d’Or ou La Bataille des Citrons

Kiki van Eijk 
Ceramic Wall Story 14

Garnier & Linker 
Diatomée Neutral Grey

Åsa Jungnelius 
Queen Helmet

Adi Toch 
Blushed Whispering Vessel

Formes Libres Studio 

Formes Libres Studio 
Giant Bean

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