Jesper Eriksson

Jesper Eriksson is a Swedish/Finnish artist and designer based in London, interested in work related to the human, culture and material. He is interested in material that has strong influences on culture. He creates contemporary narratives to existing historical, socio-economical or cultural context. His process combines both a hands on material experimental approach with an in-depth intellectual research.He holds an MA from the Royal College of Art (Design Products). Coal is traditionally seen as a functional raw material; from being a fuel that releases carbon dioxide to a precious design object with no harmful effects on the environment. Jesper Eriksson creates furniture and other objects in solid coal. His structural investigation into coal establishes a new relation to this material as one to be cherished. In this new collection commissioned by Spazio Nobile, the investigation focuses on the duality of the material; on one side the progress the material has enabled and on the other the inevitable harm as a consequence of its use as fuel. The new series, presents itself as a poetic celebration of an undervalued material. Jesper Eriksson is represented by Spazio Nobile since 2019.

Jesper Eriksson: Fossilized Coal

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