The Bamboo Chair

by Jin Kuramoto
  Studio Photography

Sculptural Armchair
Varnished bended and woven bamboo
113 x 80 x 77 cm / 44,48 x 31,49 x 30,31 in
Edition 6 + 2 AP – A New Layer Taiwan Collection

By combining both the handmade bamboo bending process to the natural lacquer technique, the Japanese designer Kuramoto has conceived a new kind of furniture typology. Employing bamboo bending, which is one of the highest quality technique in Taiwan, Kuramoto tailors a new kind of seating. His elegant and refined chair is also simplified in terms of bamboo weaving and refresh the traditional look of the Asian furniture style. It reinforces the aesthetics and sustainability of the chair and introduces a sense of tactility and comfort. He has used 2 meters long bamboo pieces that are bent and assembled.


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Jin Kuramoto

Jin Kuramoto (JP), designer Born in Hyogo prefecture, Japan and graduated from Kanazawa College of Art, Department of Design, Kuramoto […]

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