Design Miami/Basel – Group Show

Design Curio: A New Layer Taiwan

12/06/2018 — 17/06/2018


A New Layer II

A New Layer Taiwan

Design Stories from Taiwan to the World

In order to transform traditional Taiwanese craftsmanship products into contemporary design objects and furniture, the NTCRI invited Belgiumbased French curator Lise Coirier as Art Director and 7 internationally based designers from France, Germany, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, and Switzerland to Taiwan to work with some of the most talented local craftspeople on the island. The Taiwanese craftspeople, who specialize in Koji pottery, bamboo bending, lacquerware, and ceramics, indigo dying, were partnered with a designer or design team, to develop their cutting-edge design concepts. As part of the research phase of A New Layer, the designers traveled throughout Taiwan for numerous weeks, visiting not just the crafts people’s workshops, but also sites of cultural or historical significance in Taiwan. “The overseas designers and Taiwanese craftspeople worked together to conceive, materialize, and finalize their design, with the craftspeople revealing in the numerous challenges and new visions presented to them in their craft by the designers,” says Coirier. “The cross-cultural dialogue that has taken place between Taiwanese craftsmen and international designers during the course of A New Layer has enlightened and challenged both. We are really pleased to see that all the participants in the project enjoyed the process, with the designers bringing a contemporary mindset to high-quality Taiwanese craftsmanship. A New Layer has not only pushed the boundaries of both craft and design in Taiwan, but also created tangible objects and furniture that the general public can engage with,” says the director Keng-Hsiu, Hsu of NTCRI.

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The Fruit Tower – Tropical Jade

The Fruit Tower – Turquoise Sky

The Fruit Tower – Mountain Green

The Fruit Tower – Deep Forest

The Fruit Tower – Ancient Jade

The Fruit Tower – Midnight Blue