L’odore del sole, le voci lontane

by Vera Vermeersch

Wall Installation
Handtufted tapestry, wool, silk and fluo acrylic yarns
190 x 225 cm each / 74,80 x 88,58 in
Unique piece, signed and dated by the artist
Inspired by a poem of Cesare Pavese

The Belgian textile artist Vera Vermeersch is a master in the art of translating the virtuosity and poetry of the original drawing into tapestries, based on sketches and watercolours. Her lyrical and intimate tapestries, such as her two new kakemonos “Un profumo di terra e di vento”, which come directly from her studio, are a continuation of her new body of hand-tufted work, inspired by the light, shadows and rays of the sun that she observes and that appear in the landscape of the Piedmont valley that surrounds her country house, La Palude. Her artistic approach always involves a critical, meticulous and layered reading, an interpretation and reinterpretation of the given subject to sublimate it in a composition of which she holds the secrets, the colour palette, the interweaving of threads and the genius of the material.

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About the artist

Vera Vermeersch

Vera Vermeersch, tapestry weaver and artist, trained as an art historian and as tapestry restorer at IRPA (Royal Institute for […]

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