by Quentin Vuong
  Studio Photography
  Studio Photography

Sculptural Credenza
Hand gouged beech wood, stained and varnish in black, 10 cc white gold door handles, handcrafted in France
160 x 70 x 53 cm / 62 x 27,55 x 20,86 in
Edition 8 +2 AP for Spazio Nobile
Numbered and stamped by the designer

Nocturne is an elegantly designed buffet that radiates sophistication and mystery. Constructed from rich black-stained wood and embellished with handles shaped like gilded branches in white gold, its design draws one into its night-inspired charm. The surface, hand-textured with careful precision using a gouge, introduces an artistic layer, orchestrating a dance between light and shadow. Its dimensions, set at 1600 mm in length, 700 mm in height, and 530 mm in depth, harmoniously merge form with function. The true essence of Nocturne is revealed in its contrasting elements – the glossy meets textured surfaces, and sleek lines stand against organic shapes. Every deliberate combination of material and texture is thoughtfully chosen to manipulate and reflect light, amplifying the allure of this remarkable piece of furniture.

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Quentin Vuong

Quentin Vuong is a designer-scenographer whose aesthetic approach seeks to compose with matter, texture and form in order to create […]

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