Bleu Urushi Paper Pleats Bench

by Pao Hui Kao
  photographer: Anastasija Mass, STUDIO MASS
  photographer: Anastasija Mass, STUDIO MASS
  Studio Photography
  Studio Photography

Sculptural bench or Low table
Tracing paper, rice glue and Urushi lacquer, blue pigment
35 x 130 x 29 cm
Unique piece in a random collection
Signed and dated by the artist

Pao Hui Kao has created two collections for Spazio Nobile since 2020, in which she has further experimented with tracing paper, rice glue, Urushi lacquer paint and kintsugi. Her first solo exhibition “25 Seasons” will be presented in autumn 2023 at the gallery. Paper Pleats Original & Urushi and Urushi Lacquer Leaf, are two collections from this long phase of experimentation to which rice glue and Urushi lacquer have been added. Her artistic processes are both rudimentary and sophisticated and date back centuries. A finalist for the LOEWE Craft Prize 2022, Pao works with materials that have been used for a very long time, innovating from what exists and pushing the boundaries towards a more contemporary object culture.

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About the artist

Pao Hui Kao

Pao Hui Kao studied Industrial Design at the Huafan University of Taipei. After four years working experience as a industrial […]

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