Season XXVIII – Pao Hui Kao, Solo Show

25 Seasons, Landscapes of Paper and Lacquer

24/11/2023 — 17/03/2024Spazio Nobile Gallery

 Season XXVIII- Pao Hui Kao, Solo Show, 25 Seasons

Spazio Nobile Gallery
Rue Franz Merjay 142, B-1050 Brussels
24.11.2023 – 17.3.2024

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Pao Hui Kao 高寶惠
25 Seasons 二十五節氣
Landscapes of Paper and Lacquer

The highly innovative creative process of Taiwanese artist and designer Pao Hui Kao follows a slow, repetitive, and meditative rhythm, nourished by her confidence in her craftsmanship and the properties of paper as her preferred material. While each of the steps represents a challenge in itself, the magic of paper unfolds gradually under the thoughtful touch of the creator and is showcased through two collections brought together in her first solo exhibition at Spazio Nobile: Paper Pleats and Lacquer Leaf. 50 pieces of paper furniture and lacquer paintings, vibrant with colors and light, animate the space of the Brussels art gallery throughout Pao Hui Kao’s “25 Seasons”.

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Portraits of Pao Hui Kao among her Paper Pleats & Lacquer Leafs – Photo Studio Mass, Courtesy of Spazio Nobile

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Associated artworks

Pao Hui Kao 
Blue Urushi Paper pleats stool High

Pao Hui Kao 
Green Lacquer Leaf

Pao Hui Kao 
Red Urushi Paper Pleats Sideboard

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