Kao Pao Hui

Pao Hui Kao studied Industrial Design at the Huafan University of Taipei. After four years working experience as a industrial designer and material researcher, she enrolled in the Master’s program at the Design Academy Eindhoven where she received her Master of art in 2016.

Her works shown great influences of innovated material, traditional crafts, social issue, ecorches. By making objects, sculptures and installations, her works emphasize on creating extraordinary aesthetics out of ordinary material and surrounding through continuous material experiments.The projects of Pao Hui Kao marrie the forces of nature to human artifacts. Her studio serves as ground for a constant research on experimental design, bringing higher meaning to manmade sculptural bodies and installations through their exposition to nature and its elements. This process of elaboration allows Pao Hui to create a narrative where the natural and the artificial commune to form landscapes for the mind to explore the philosophical dilemmas that distress the human condition.

Pao Hui Kao has created two collections for Spazio Nobile in 2020: Paper Pleats and Lacquer Leaf in which she has experimented further with tracing paper, rice glue, Urushi lacquer paint and kintsugi.