Spazio Nobile at Design Miami/Basel, Messe Basel, Switzerland

LuniSolar, Duo Show, Pao Hui Kao & Ann Beate Tempelhaug

10/06/2024 — 16/06/2024

Spazio Nobile at Design Miami/Basel
Design Curio, LuniSolar
Pao Hui Kao & Ann Beate Tempelhaug

Design Miami/Basel, Halle 1 Süd,
Messe Basel, Switzerland
June 10-16, 2024


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Collectors Preview – By invitation only
10.6.2024, 12.00-18.00

VIP Preview – By invitation only
10.6.2024, 18.00-20.00

Public Show Days
11-12.6.2024, 10.00-19.00
13-15.6.2024, 11.00-19.00
16.6.2024, 11.00-18.00


Duo Show Pao Hui Kao & Ann Beate Tempelhaug LuniSolar is a duo exhibition between Taiwanese artist designer Pao Hui Kao (finalist of the LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize in 2022) and acclaimed Norwegian artist ceramicist Ann Beate Tempelhaug.



Both are revealing the beauty of the Lunisolar Calendar, which echoes Pao Hui Kao’s 25 Seasons and Ann Beate’s contemplative inner landscapes. LuniSolar describes the world as a spatial figuration: poetry  – calligraphy – painting with Urushi lacquer or porcelain glaze following the rhythm of nature.



This artistic dialogue describes Pao Hui Kao’s and Ann Beate Tempelhaug’s “desire for the seasons” as they mutually explore the essence of stoneware porcelain, paper and lacquer, which they translate into their abstract and sublime ceramic and lacquer paintings as well as in the paper furniture. LuniSolar evokes Japanese poet Matsuo Basho and his haikus, a promise of rebirth in the midst of nature or François Cheng’s search for “true light”.



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In the Paper Pleats series by Pao Hui Kao, beauty emerges from a slow and extended phase of experimentation with tracing paper, rice glue, Urushi lacquer, and colored pigments. For the random Lacquer Leaf series, the artist composes her canvas with successive layers of crepe paper hardened with rice glue and Urushi lacquer, a technique she intuitively adopted while learning kintsugi (golden joinery) in Japan. The sophistication of each of her pieces follows the thread of her spirit and her research on materials, their intrinsic strength, and their evolution as functional furniture or contemplative paintings.


Pao Hui Kao, photos by Anastassija Mass



Ann Beate Tempelhaug’s artistic practice claims affiliation with three distinct art traditions or histories: painting, sculpture, and ceramics. Within the paradigm of Western Modernism, according to American art critic Clement Greenberg, painting and sculpture are art forms that have been increasingly abstract, self-contained, autonomous, and medium specific. She combines painted surfaces and a physical, sculptural form that too claims a presence. While painting is primarily a medium for the eye, again according to Greenberg, sculpture has a spatial relationship with the body as well, stressing the emotionally experience of the work over intellectual understanding.


Ann Beate Tempelhaug, photos by Lisbeth Finsådal


The monographs of Pao Hui Kao and Ann Beate Tempelhaug published by Spazio Nobile Editions will be launched together at Design Miami/Basel.

photos by Barbara de Vuyst


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Pao Hui Kao 
Blue Urushi Paper pleats stool High

Pao Hui Kao 
Black Urushi Paper Pleats Low stool or Side table

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