Season IV - Crystallized

Season IV – 23.2 – 15.2.2017 – Crystallized
For its first 2017 exhibition, Spazio Nobile gallery reveals 13 new contemporary unique pieces and limited editions exploring the organic. Finding innovative ways to employ noble materials like ceramics, crystal, lacquer, metal, mixed media, photography and natural minerals, these designers and photographers have applied a handcraft approach to create a series
of outstanding installations. Material alchemy transforms one’s perception and elevates the status
of an object or image beyond ornamentation. Combining nature with technology reveals the beauty of experimentation while the importance of recycling and upcycling are brought to the fore.
How can one achieve strong visual and tactile vibrance, grown materials, develop formal language and pallets of shade without destroying the environment?
In this light, Spazio Nobile works to redefine certain functional objects as art.

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