N°21 – On Colours

by Philipp Weber

On Colours, multi chromatic crystal pieces, free blown by Christophe Genard (Liège, BE), founder and glass blower, L’ Atelier du Val (Val Saint-Lambert, BE), 2016. A Strange Symphony is displayed, as the starting point of his project (Design Academy, Eindhoven, 2013) around an altered blowing pipe which he transformed into a musical instrument that blows glass. From Below, 2017, is his new machine that sculpts objects from a material that usually only serves as a raw byproduct producing iron.

N°21 – On Colours (low very deep blue)

Crystal & colored glass, free blown glass, 10 h x 25 cm diameter, 2016, unique piece

2200€ incl. VAT (6%)


SpazioNobile_Crystallised-59 SpazioNobile_Crystallised-67 SpazioNobile_Crystallised-10 SpazioNobile_Crystallised-3


With A Strange Symphony on Colors Philipp Weber explores the technical innovation of a new glassblowing tool, which he developed in the preceding project A Strange Symphony. The designer developed a new trumpet-inspired glassblowing pipe which enables the craftsman to shape the inner cavities of the glass. Applying several valves at the top of the pipe, the glassblower creates a variety of air chambers inside the glass instead of having only one using the conventional pipe. The separated spaces inside the glass make for multiple light refractions. By applying colors on each chamber these refractions create a chromatic mingle. At times deceiving the perception.This project is ongoing and can be understood as a study of light and color in glass, using the tool innovation from A Strange Symphony. Design Concept: Philipp Weber Glassblowing: Christophe Genard.

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Philipp Weber

German creative Philipp Weber’s holistic methodology melds his keen craft-led sensibility and affinity for humanism. Unaffected by the saturated trends […]

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