Convey the mind

Convey the mind, bodiless lacquer teacup by RICHU LACQUER ART CO

The work was made with « ostrich eggshell » and « bodiless lacquer ». Both materials deliver totally different imaginative lacquer effects. Eggshell is so delicate that it requires extra care while the bodiless lacquer looks heavy but is actually light and tough. The natural lacquer paint and pearl inlay create a micro universe. The viewer would feel like cherishing things while appreciating the artwork.

Convey the Mind, Ostrich Eggshell and Bodiless lacquer, natural lacquer paint and pearl inlay, up to twenty layers of lacquer, 2017

Convey the mind – bodiless lacquer teacup, 10 x 10 x 9.3 thick 0.5 cm, two unique pieces changeable coating – hand-polishing, bodiless lacquer, shell, natural lacquer, 500 € incl. VAT 6%

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Both graduated from Crafts and Design College, National Taiwan University of Arts, director of RICHU LACQUER ART CO., LTD., established in New Taipei City in 2014. Chen participated in several international art exhibitions,