Caviar Sconce

by Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Wall installation of five Caviar Sconces, silver shots, illuminated glass lens, 2017, in collaboration with Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York.

Custom Silver Caviar Light, steel Shot, epoxy, electrical components 100-120 w.


SpazioNobile_Crystallised-43 SpazioNobile_Crystallised-35



Caviar Sconces were created in a non-linear design process. « It’s those nebulous ideas that condense into an object from disparate parts of your mind that are the most interesting ». All the individual components of the Caviar Sconces derived from other projects resulted in the transformative effect by the illuminated lens on the steel shot.

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Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a New York-based design studio working in furniture, products, interiors and mixed materials.The company […]

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