Crystal Vases

by Isaac Monté

Crystal Vases, crystallized minerals, unique pieces.

All sizes are available in all colors based on small samples displayed in Spazio Nobile’s kitchen

S. 550€  incl. VAT 6%

M. 700€  incl. VAT 6%

L. 1000€  incl. VAT 6%

SpazioNobile_Crystallised-5  SpazioNobile_Crystallised-7


Bespoke crystal vases on demand . Check the small colour samples in Spazio Nobile’s kitchen. crystallized minerals, 2016, unique pieces, 85-100 €  incl. VAT 6%

SpazioNobile_Crystallised-46 SpazioNobile_Crystallised-47

Our speed and efficiency —faster, better, stronger. This has caused a shift in our perception of time. In our fast paced society time seems to fly, time has become a luxury product, time has become a currency. In reality time has been passing at the same speed for ages. Nature can be seen as the opponent of today’ s society. Natural processes are the proof of time. For the last months I have been researching stalagmites, one of the greatest wonders of nature. I have been experimenting with minerals to grow stalagmites and to conduct their shape and colour. By dissolving minerals in water and by heating up this solution it is possible to create an oversaturated medium. During the cooling process these minerals transform into crystals. Further on I have been researching a variety of dying techniques, minerals, pigments and colorants to change the color of the crystals. The growing process of these objects can be seen as a metaphor for time. Each object is unique in shape, color and texture, due to the organic development. The objects are the result of the natural crystallization of minerals and the influence of the designer on the formation process.

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Isaac Monté

Isaac Monté (NL) Designer Isaac Monté has a fascination for unusual materials and an urge to master and manipulate these […]

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