Le Sacre de la Matière II

09/09/2021 — 03/10/2021

“Le Sacre de la Matière” is ushering in its second chapter at the Ancienne Nonciature at Grand Sablon in Brussels, the former Embassy of the Vatican. This new exhibition brings together 10 artists whose lively and resilient minds meet at the heart of matter, between unity and duality, the very symbolism of the number 10. Most of the artworks are unique or limited editions.

With Jörg Bräuer, Anne Derasse, Ernst Gamperl, Kaspar Hamacher, Amy Hilton,
Silvano Magnone, Élise Peroi, Päivi Rintaniemi, Bela Silva & Fabian von Spreckelsen

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Featured artist(s)

Associated artworks

Jörg Bräuer 
Aigua Xelida Retable, Der Sinn der Zeit

Amy Hilton 
Luminous blue (devotion to a noble spiritual ideal)

Jörg Bräuer 
The Dissolution of Time 6 Álftafjörður

Jörg Bräuer 
The Dissolution of Time 2 Snaefellsnes

Jörg Bräuer 
The Dissolution of Time 1 Fagraskógarfjall

Jörg Bräuer 
Island Rocks, Asperity #10