Silvano Magnone

Hailing originally from Veroli, a small village in the central mountains of Italy, he moved between Rome, Naples and Bologna, before leaving Italy for Brussels in 2008. Graduating from the National Film Academy of Bologna (Italy) in 2005, Silvano Magnone has participated in many multidisciplinary projects, crossing the boundaries of cinema, documentary, theatre, music and photography. As co-founder of the Teatro Ygramul in Rome with the anthropological theatre research group Ygramul LeMilleMolte, he acted as videographer, making several short and long films as well as a documentary shot between Italy and Malawi. In 2004, he collaborated with the “Gruppo Amatoriale” as a cameraman and editor for several feature films including “The Variation of Mr. Quodlibet”, which was selected for the 2006 Turin Film Festival. For Manauana, a collaborative photography and video-installation project with Anja Kowalski and Alassane Doulougou, he left Italy for Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in 2007. Upon his return to Europe, the project ended with a residency in Brussels, where he has lived and worked ever since. While in Brussels, he met photography professor Mirjam Devriendt, enabling him to deepen his knowledge of silver photography and to work in a dark room. She encourages him to persevere in his research into old photographic techniques. In his studio in the Sablon arts district, he carries out his research on alternative photographic processes, mainly working with collodion, historical printing techniques and modern instant photography (Polaroid). His main interests are portraiture and landscape, which he conceives as a journey through time and space in his studio or on his walks, photographing outdoors and magnifying the beauty of the forest. Spazio Nobile has represented Silvano Magnone since 2017.

Silvano Magnone: Taking Time

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