by Päivi Rintaniemi
  SALON - NY 2023
  SALON - NY 2023
  SALON - NY 2023

Stoneware clay with shamott
94 x 85 x 61 cm / 37 x 33,46 x 24,01 in
Unique piece

The sculptural ceramics of Finnish artist Päivi Rintaniemi are meditative and mystical, bringing forth clarity and luminosity, while echoing the Nordic radiance. With its organic, folded and split form, Calix is a metaphor for man’s sensitive and spiritual relationship with nature. The chamotte stoneware comes to life under the delicate touch from which round and harmonious surfaces emerge, like cracked shells, chrysalises, nests or corollas. Through her sculptures, Rintaniemi reveals her relationship with her environment and makes everyone appreciate the uniqueness of existence and the miracles of life.


About the artist

Päivi Rintaniemi

Päivi Rintaniemi graduated with a Master of Arts from the Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. The varied art disciplines taught […]

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