Amy Hilton

Amy Hilton received her degree in literature from the University of London’s Goldsmiths College. In January 2008, she settled in the French Alps, where she reconnected with Nature. Her artistic aspirations developed over the seasons spent among the valleys and mountaintops. Today, she splits her time between Paris and Burgundy. The conjunction of ‘the parts and the whole’ is a concept that has accompanied the artist along her academic and very personal work. She uses a variety of subjects and media to question the notions of totality and fragmentation, to try to open up being and phenomena, which far from existing only independently and distinctly, according to her, find their sense in their relationship, and even more in their relationship to Nature. This “deep ecology”, to use the artist’s own words, highlights the power of physiological and mythical links and cycles. Amy Hilton has a story she likes to tell in order to illustrate the inspiration that animates her work: she talks about her discovery, on an isolated beach, of a stone broken into two separate parts.

Two distinct parts; two parts that fit perfectly together. The sharpness of the stone’s crack does not prevent us from thinking of it as a coherent and unique form. Spazio Nobile organised Amy Hilton’s first solo exhibition, “Dreamstones”, for the Art on Paper show at BOZAR Brussels, in 2018, and “In Between” during the Brussels Drawing Week in 2018. She was also Guest Editor of TLmag on the theme of “Precious: A Geology of Being” in 2020. Spazio Nobile has represented Amy Hilton since 2018, and organised her first solo show “Subtle Energy” this year at the gallery.


Ilha Grande, Brésil /Brazil

Ellora: Emptiness-presence, void-affirmation

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Amy Hilton 
Rose Pink tinged with Lila (Sacrifice for the Sake of the Loved One)

Amy Hilton 
Luminous blue (devotion to a noble spiritual ideal)

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