von Spreckelsen Fabian

A graduate of the Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Fabian von Spreckelsen is now based in Noorbeek, the Netherlands. As a child, he already had a deep fascination for nature, passed down from his father, a biologist, who guided Fabian on the discovery of the enchanting world of living organisms. Since then, his interests have been driven by the relationships and interactions between a constructed environment and unspoiled nature. He is captivated by the links between humans and the natural elements around them, and in his sculptural designs, he interprets nature as a powerful force, asking for respect rather than protection. The resulting strong and radical artworks draw inspiration from the abstract geometries of flora and fauna, offering both strength and beauty in the simplest form, sometimes abstracted to the limits of recognition. The lines of his work are clear-cut, producing both minimal and maximal visual effects. His artisanal approach to sculpture guides him to create unique and bespoke pieces with a specific personality; the diversity of his works reflects the variety of nature. He aims for a fine balance between arithmetic design, artistic crafts and artistic freedom, while always working with a respect for the environment.


Fabian’s works take part in Season VII, Die Werkstatt – Damien Gernay, Kaspar Hamacher, Jonas Loellmann, Valentin Loellmann, Fabian von Spreckelsen – Sculptural Furniture Design & Photographyexhibition at Spazio Nobile.