Christmas Sunday Brunch at Spazio Nobile Gallery & Studiolo, within Pao Hui Kao, Solo Show, 25 Seasons

17/12/2023 — 17/12/2023 @ 12:00 Spazio Nobile GallerySpazio Nobile Studiolo

Welcome to Spazio Nobile Gallery & Studiolo
Christmas Sunday Brunch

Spazio Nobile Gallery & Studiolo
Rue Franz Merjay 142 & 169, B-1050 Brussels

Sunday Brunch on December 17, 12-18.00
In the presence of Pao Hui Kao & some artists and designers of the gallery
We will serve hot wine and cakes – Free entrance

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At the gallery: Season XXVIII- Pao Hui Kao
Solo Show, 25 Seasons, 二十五節氣
Landscapes of Paper and Lacquer
24.11.2023 – 17.3.2024

Photo by Margaux Nieto

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Catalogue to download here


At Spazio Nobile Studiolo: a selection of new works
Across the street and inside the gallery

New Winter Showcase, Contemplative Beauty, featuring Bela Silva new glazed ceramic sculptures in close connection with Ann Beate Tempelhaug stoneware porcelain and glazed meditative paintings — Quentin Vuong, Mercure Mirror with white gold leaf 10cc — Philipp Weber, Filigree hand blown glass pendant lights revisiting the 16th century Venetian technique of the “filigrana”, an exclusive edition of Spazio Nobile — Isaac Monté, Crystallized sculptural vases — Kaspar Hamacher, Der Stein in burnt oak wood, waxed, oiled and stamped — Vincent Fournier, Flora Incognita, photographs, ed 10+2AP

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Philipp Weber

Bela Silva

Ann Beate Tempelhaug

Isaac Monté

Bela Silva

Päivi Rintaniemi

Foyer Brisé

Marie Corbin

Katherine Huskie

Florence Coenraets

Quentin Vuong

Vincent Fournier


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TLmag 39- The Culture of the Object 
15th Anniversary Edition is out!

You can pick it up at the gallery during the Christmas Sunday Brunch