Season XXIII- Amy Hilton, Subtle Energy, Sunday Brunch @Brussels Gallery Weekend, 11th September, 12-18.00

11/09/2022 — 11/09/2022 @ 12:00 Spazio Nobile GallerySpazio Nobile Studiolo

Welcome to our Sunday Brunch @Brussels Gallery Weekend
Spazio Nobile Gallery, Season XXIII- Amy HiltonSubtle Energy

Rue Franz Merjay 142, Brussels, Belgium
Sunday Brunch at the gallery, in the garden and studiolos this 11th September 2022, 12-18.00,
in the presence of the artist Amy Hilton

“Everything in Amy Hilton’s work tends towards the search for a balance between the elements and the vibrations induced by their presence, everything is combined in the controlled tension of the forms and the energies that they release to exercise us in other ways of seeing, of grasping the multiple facets of a subtle reality in which different modes of existence are at play.”  – Joel Benzakin

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Exhibition Views of Amy Hilton, Solo Show, Subtle Energy, photo Margaux Nieto

We are open this weekend on Saturday 10th September, 11-19.00
& Sunday Brunch on 11th September, 11-18.00
The exhibition runs from 9.9-6.11.2022

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Spazio Nobile Studiolo across the street
Precious: A Geology of Being, across the street, rue Franz Merjay 169

Exhibition View of Spazio Nobile Studiolo, A Geology of Being, featuring Amy Hilton’s framed works, Sebastien Caporusso, Alexandre Chary, Chen & Williams, Nathalie Dewez, Jozef Divín, Lisa Hellrup, Marlene Huissoud, Pao Hui Kao, Samy Rio, Bela Silva, Cheng Tsung Feng, Philipp Weber, photo Margaux Nieto

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