Finissage & Performance Kaspar Hamacher  Mother Earth / Mère-Terre, Sunday 26 September 2021, 11-18.00, CID-Hornu


Finissage & Performance
Kaspar Hamacher 
Mother Earth / Mère-Terre

Sunday 26 September 2021, from 11 until 18.00
at CID- centre d’innovation et de design, Grand-Hornu, Belgium

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Performance by the artist at 17.00
A catalogue will also be accompanying the visit

Works & Scenography by Kaspar Hamacher
in close collaboration with Spazio Nobile Gallery, Brussels

Kaspar Hamacher & Spazio Nobile ongoing Catalogue of Works

Adress of the day:
Site du Grand-Hornu, rue Sainte-Louise, 82   7301 Hornu, Belgium

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Visits in the presence of the artist, 11-17.00
Art Performance at 17.00: The Burning Sphere
All photos in this newsletter and in the catalogue by Jo Magrean

Book your free entrance offered by CID-Hornu & Spazio Nobile here

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Kaspar Hamacher – photographed by Jo Magrean

Artist, sculptor, designer with a degree from the Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Kaspar Hamacher (Eupen,°1981) takes nature as the starting point in his day-to-day life as a sculptor and a designer of artistic furniture.

Raised amongst the trees by his forest ranger father, in the Eastern Cantons of Belgium, he has forged his path through the world of art and design, winding along between sculpture and the contemporary applied arts. Far from the rush of our digital world, Kaspar Hamacher creates a close and unique connection with each fragment of trunk he sculpts, crafting unique stamped pieces, from his own creative mastery.

Somewhere between art and design, he deliberately focuses on the object in all its physical strength, as a “maker” rather than a conceptual designer. His abilities with wood as a living material are the fruit of his energy and his imagination: whether working with a tree trunk or branch, or a piece of leather, for him it is essential to respect the authenticity at every step of the creative process.

In his art and design approach, which he calls “Die Werkstatt” (The Workshop) since his exhibition at Spazio Nobile in 2017, Hamacher always aims to produce a piece that is both unique and personal, with a strong meaning and added soul.

Monoxyle purity blooms from sylvan beauty.