Hilton Amy

Amy Hilton  graduated in Literature at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and in January 2008, she moved to the French Alps where she reconnected with nature. Her artistic aspirations developed in the sandstone of hard seasons, through the valleys and on the mountain tops. She currently lives and works between Paris and Brussels.
The conjunction of ‘the parts and the whole’ is the concept that has accompanied the artist along her academic and intimate creations. She uses various subjects and media to question the notions of totality and fragment, to try to open up being and phenomena, which far from existing only independently and distinctly, are, according to her, all find their sense in their rapport, and even more in their relationship to Nature. This “deep ecology”, according to the artist’s words, highlights the power of physiological and mythical links and cycles. Amy Hilton likes to narrate an anecdote to convey the inspiration that animates her work: she talks about her discovery, on an isolated beach, of a broken stone in two separate parts. Two parts certainly distinct; two parts that fit perfectly together. The sharpness of the crack of this stone prevents in no way from thinking of it as a coherent and unique form. Spazio Nobile has exhibited Hilton in a solo show “Dreamstones” at Art On Paper in 2018 and “In Between” during Brussels Drawing Week in 2019.