Éva Garcia

Born (°1980) and lives in France

Éva Garcia was born in 1980 in the Dordogne; she lives and works in Paris. In 2010 she joined the engraving workshop of Paris Atelier, under the direction of Mireille Baltar. In 2013 she was awarded the Graver Maintenant prize. In 2014 she joined the Bo Halbirk workshop. 2019 marks a turning point in her artistic career with her first solo show at the Schumm-Braustein gallery in Paris. In 2020, the Académie des Beaux-Arts awarded her the Prix Frédéric et Jean de Vernon, in printmaking. Éva Garcia’s practice is mainly centred on engraving, of which she uses all the techniques, including sugar, burin, point, and cradle, gradually favouring direct engraving. She offers us visions that are both ethereal and tangible, impressions of an experimental nature. What interests her is the image, which in its very essence is multiple, evolving from its inscription to its inevitable dispersion. Although she begins her work by incising a matrix, the artist plays with the principle of the print and its identical multiplication, by intervening on the print itself or by working on the printing supports. It is not a question of variations in series but of repeated, transposed, multiple writings, operating a transfer of language. Through these games, these experiments, these interpenetrations of gestures, techniques and materials, through the formats which impose a physical investment of the whole body, the confrontation with the material is at the same time rough, harsh but also subtle. It is not surprising that the artist now opens her practice to painting and sculpture, always remaining at the crossroads of engraving, in a relationship of circularity.

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Éva Garcia – Can the Light Render

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Éva Garcia 
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Éva Garcia 
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