by Marialaura Irvine

Hand stitched rug made with traditional “ranos” and “fiocco” techniques on loom
250 x 150 cm
Edition of 6 + 2 AP in this color spectrum
Bespoke in other color schemes and shapes in a random collection


The first concept revisits in a modern way the ancient pattern with the ability to evoke the past. Creating a compositive order starting from the foundational pattern of one of the pavements, highlighting the beauty of imperfection and constituent harmony. The phases of evolution are like a stratification of pattern, colours, and three-dimensionality. That is the starting point for a carpet that presents different tactile sensations. To create this piece we used two techniques ‘ranos’ and ‘fiocco’ which can be found in the central and eastern areas of Sardinia – Italy, but it’s the first time that they are combined together. This is a particular type of stitched relief, where the pattern is formed from the countless grains incorporated into the material.

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Marialaura Irvine

Marialaura Irvine is instilled by a vision of constant evolution, rooted in the classics of Italian design school, but with […]

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