Marialaura Irvine

Born in Italy, lives in Italy

Marialaura Irvine is instilled by a vision of constant evolution, rooted in the classics of Italian design school, but with a broader international outlook. Born on the slopes of Vesuvius, Marialaura graduated in architecture in Naples under Riccardo Dalisi. From the poetry of design and deep respect for tradition, she was catapulted into the capital of Italian design, Milan, where she attended a master’s in Strategic Design at Politecnico. Concreteness became a challenge, and marketing, communication, and strategy the keynote. For a number of years, she collaborated with Italian design brands and grew accustomed to considering the product within a comprehensive corporate process. Then she moved on tiptoe into a different British atmosphere at Studio Irvine, where industrial products were the throbbing heart of design. Today Marialaura runs the studio with such clients as Muji, Thonet, M+, Arper, FormaCemento, and many others. On the occasion of NOMAD Capri, Marialaura Irvine has created exclusively for Spazio Nobile a rug /tapestry “Oplontis”, in a limited edition of 6+ 2AP, and a series of Terracotta Plinths “Passeggiata” in collaboration with Fangorosa. We are very honored to present her work for the first time.

“The surface is a manifesto for me. Because it is the skin of things that speaks, as well as the material that takes a leading role, a soloist that intermixes and intertwines with the space. For me, this transition of intermixing, of embroidery in fact, between the part underneath and the visible part, which intermingle without any continuous solution, is a specific conquest, like the possibility of listening at a different level, multidimensional, material, and therefore often also decorative, a word that was banned from this studio.”

Marialaura Irvine: Beautiful Imperfections

Marialaura Irvine: Embroidering Identity

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