Civilized Primitives Mirror

by Kiki van Eijk
  SALON - NY 2023
  SALON - NY 2023

Sculptural Mirror
Casted bronze, polished, patinated
26 x 15 x 65 cm /10,23 x 5,90 x 25,59 in
Edition 8 + 2 AP
Numbered and engraved by the designer

A mirror which shows the art of improvisation inspired on survival methods. Natural primitive elements are combined with human primitive elements in a harmonious fashion. The natural elements have stayed rough as they were and the human elements have been polished in order to create a harmonious contrast within one object.

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About the artist

Kiki van Eijk

Kiki van Eijk grew up in the Netherlands where she spent her youth immersed in nature daydreaming and drawing. She […]

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