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08/03/2024 — 08/03/2024 @ 10:00 Spazio Nobile At Home

Spazio Nobile At Home
The Dragon Eye, The Lunar New Year Group Show

Elisabethlaan 4, B- 3080 Tervuren

COLLECTIBLE VIP Visit to Spazio Nobile At Home
on Friday, March 8, 10-12.00

The Lunar New Year Group Show features 30 artists and designers of the gallery in the founders’s private villa in Tervuren. The exhibition runs until June 23, 2024.

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Photo by Hugard Vanoverschelde, courtesy of Spazio Nobile

A celebration of The Lunar New Year by Yuka Isono, Sogetsu Ikebanist. Sogetsu ikebana, which means “the school of plants and the moon“, continues to brighten up our contemporary lives with its emphasis on line, mass and colour. Watch our videos of Sogestu Ikebana by Samuel Kerkhofs here

Catalogue to download here

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