Boxy Carine

Carine Boxy is a Belgian textile artist and designer based in Deurle, Sint Martens Latem and founder of sheepsrugskins since 2009. She lives in the house – with Stefan (Boxy’s) and her children – that was belonging to the luminist painter Jenny Montigny. Each of her creations in naturally dyed sheepskin is unique and versatile (rug, cover, tapestry, …) and can be also seen as site speci c to a residential or a hospitality project such as the restaurants by Sergio Herman. Her storytelling compositions are conceived as a patchwork quilt or carpet, a wall or oor arrangement, an object, a piece of furniture, with an extraordinary sense of tactility and wellbeing. The sheepskins bring – assembled together – the atmosphere of a wild life into the home. They reveal each one of a kind the true texture, appeal to the senses, thanks to their ultra soft material and a true combination of the hand and the heart. Carine has this attitude of the craftsman that creates from the sheepskin a human kind experience which brings the warmth in interiors.

Her work is currently exhibited at Designmuseum in Ghent, as part of A Wild Thing, curated by Hilde Bouchez & Marij De Brabandere. She published a decade ago her book Wildest Silence Silent Wildness, 2007.

“The carpets of Carine Boxy are natural landscapes which bring
the atmosphere of the wild outdoor into the home. We chose her work because it re ects the attitude of the cra sman through an alchemistic play of the elements and the soul of the maker.”

Hilde Bouchez & Marij De Brabandere, A Wild Thing, Designmuseum Gent, 2017

Carine Boxy

As part of the Gevaert family, I am living in the wooded region of the Leie between Deinze and Ghent. The village Latem was known as a favourite place for painters in the rst half of the 20th century. Close to my house, you can nd the Gevaert-Minne Museum with its authentic ‘Schaapsstal’ (sheep shed), previously home of painter, poet, composer and writer Edgar Gevaert. You can admire masterpieces of the early explorers (Xavier De Cock), the rst Group of Latem (Valerius De Saedeleer, George Minne, Albijn Van den Abeele, Gustave van de Woestyne), Albert Servaes being an in-between generation artist and the second Group of Latem (Leon and Gust De Smet, Constant Permeke, Maurice Sijs, Frits Van den Berghe).

Powder (Reine) & Rhum (Roi)