Weekly Summertime Artist Focus: Jörg Bräuer, Capri Lithologie MMXXII on Artsy

Weekly Summertime Artist Focus: Jörg Bräuer
Capri Lithologie MMXXII

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German Brussels-based photographer Jörg Bräuer creates evocative landscape scenes. Monolithic, mountainous and textured, his images carry allusions to the passage of time, the weight of place and history. Jörg Bräuer studied at the school of Photography and Printing in Munich, and holds a Fine Arts degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), New York University. He had two solo shows at Spazio Nobile: Insel der Zeit (2019) and Lithologie (2022).

Capri Lithologie MMXXII
A corpus of 73 photographs taken by Jörg Bräuer, during NOMAD Capri in July 2022



“Most of Italy, including Capri, was a continental shelf off the coast of Africa in an area referred to as Adria, like the Adriatic Sea. Adria was a great, shallow continental shelf which is submarine, so not subject to erosion like the exposed continents. It accumulates the sediments eroded from the continents. Continental shelf sediments are commonly shoved above sea level as in Capri.” – Marcia Bjornerud, Professor of Geosciences at Lawrence University in Wisconsin, about Bräuer’s Capri Lithologie MMXXII

LVNARI – Blue Moon, 2022

Blue brush stroke layer on photograph made of natural pigment prints on cotton paper, 120 x 80 cm,
white aluminium box framed edition of 8 + 2 AP, numbered and signed by the artist

SEDIMENTARY MEMORY Glass Diptych II – Certosa di Capri, 2022

Pigment prints on cotton paper, Handmade from mouth-blown Restauro-glass
from the Glashütte Lamberts in collaboration with Atelier Mestdagh

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