Sunday Brunch Season XXIV – Jörg Bräuer, Lithologie & Fabian von Spreckelsen, Soul Memories

20/11/2022 — 20/11/2022 @ 12:00 Spazio Nobile GallerySpazio Nobile Studiolo

Welcome to our Sunday Brunch within our new exhibitions

At Spazio Nobile Gallery
Season XXIV – Jörg Bräuer, Lithologie
rue Franz Merjay 142, 1050 Brussels

Sunday 20th November, 12-18.00
In the presence of the artist



“Over one hundred million years have shaped these limestone sediments of Capri; they hold memories of sea life before a great mass extinction at the end of Cretaceous era changed the earth forever; all forming part of the geological cycle that moves with the force of slowness. Earth time is far from my reality; I am made to live with the immediacy of my temporality. There is still time… I stop and observe the breath-taking beauty that these rocks of Capri unfold before me. The emergence of the cliffs is of such diversity, something beyond all human capacity. The aesthetic is orchestrated with the profound experience of a master and signed with a single name: the earth. Like in an open-air art gallery, I admire the abstract performances, there is no beginning or end, forming the inexhaustible source of my inspiration. These rocks invite me to rethink my position and my awareness in the face of time and earth.”
— Jörg Bräuer about his new corpus of photographs “Capri Lithologie MMXXII”


On the photos: Jörg Bräuer, Capri Lithologie MMXXII, photographs #1 #2, pigment prints on cotton paper,  170 x 110 cm, ed. 8+ 2AP & Artist Book Limited Edition 10+2 AP
Sedimentary Memory Glass Diptychs in collaboration with Atelier Mestdagh
Island Rocks, Asperity #10, 2022, Painting on photograph, 180 x 220 cm


Catalogue with prices is on request

At Spazio Nobile Studiolo (across the street)
Fabian von Spreckelsen, Soul Memories 
rue Franz Merjay 169, 1050 Brussels

Combining two organic materials, weathered iron and organically tanned natural leather, Fabian von Spreckelsen presents a collection of Leather Cabinets, each symbolising an important stage in his existence. The ritual lies in the simple gesture of lifting the leather to reveal the interior of the sculptural furniture. Combined to Souvenirs from Space with his new Ferron Crystallized paintings, the artist highlights qualities with new alloys combining steel with copper and brass in search for a new perspective in discovering the materiality and deepening the core to the crystallization.

Catalogue with prices is on request