by Lionel Jadot

Lighting adornment
Metal, medical resin band, car headlight, hookahs, wooden balls and Indian bracelets
96 x 56 cm
Unique piece signed by the artist


Uta’s helmet was named in honor of Uta-Napishtim (meaning “life of distant days”), the immortal figure in the epic of Gilgamesh. Son of King Ubar-Tutu who ruled for 18,600 years, Uta is tasked by the god Enki to give up his worldly possessions and create a gigantic ship called the Savior of Life. He did not reach the state of divinity, but the gods conceded him immortality for saving lives. The Gilgamesh myth tells the story of the Flood which is also found in chapters 6, 7 and 8 of Genesis in the Old Testament.




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Lionel Jadot

Born in Brussels in 1969, Lionel Jadot is an interior designer, artist, designer, filmmaker, adventurer. But all at once, preferably. Lionel […]

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