Ciel de Bruxelles

by Florence Coenraets

111,5 x 32 x 3 cm
Calico and non-woven interlining and feathers. Feathers of Pigeon, Wood Pigeon, Hazel Pigeon, Black Crow, Wood Magpie, Egyptian Goose, Greylag Goose, Mallard, Widow Wigeon, Collared Parakeet, Oak Jay and Woodpecker. All feathers were collected in Brussels.
Unique piece


Ciel de Bruxelles, is the first piece in the “Ciels” series which, using feathers collected in a defined territory, bears witness to the different birds present in that territory.

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Florence Coenraets

Florence Coenraets initiates intimate dialogues with our material world and interrogates our relationship to objects and by extension, to our […]

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