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Summer Exhibitions

Spazio Nobile came back from the 1st Edition of NOMAD CAPRI
Group Exhibition M’Illumino d’immenso, Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri, Italy, 6-10 July

Featuring: Jörg Bräuer, Jesper Eriksson, Garnier & Linker, Pao Hui Kao, Katherine Huskie, Marialaura Irvine,
Åsa Jungnelius, Tomás Libertiny, Bela Silva, Adi Toch, Kiki van Eijk, Philipp Weber.
Photo by Piergiorgio Sorgetti, courtesy of Spazio Nobile


Pao Hui Kao, Finalist
Loewe Craft Prize 2022
Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SEMoCA), South Korea, 1-30.7.2022

“1986, everyone skateboarded but me. I never saw anyone land a trick in my life. Benches, rails, medians; Robert Morris in the suburbs, turned utility, a way, they hoped, to impress the girls. The greasy black stains from trucks and tires looked angry. “Go clean up after your friends,” my mom would always say. Instead of skateboarding I played basketball, hours and hours each day, trying to pass one large sphere through a honeycombed net.” Pao Hui Kao

Pao Hui Kao, Urushi Paper Pleats, Made of tracing paper, rice glue and Urushi lacquer, 33 x 39 x 135 cm
Enquire on Loewe Foundation – The Room

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Fredrik Nielsen, Finalist
Loewe Craft Prize 2022
Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SEMoCA), South Korea, 1-30.7.2022

Mixed Emotions is comprised of ‘Stick It Together Silver’, ‘You’re Not the Only One’ and ‘This Coming and Going’


Bela Silva, Group Exhibition, Un été au Portugal
Villa Tamaris, La Seyne-sur-mer, France, 4.6-18.9.22

Bela Silva’s drawings, paintings and ceramics, so marked by her Lusophone identity, are filled with solar jubilation. A vibrant personality and a great traveller, the artist draws inspiration from her many forays into South America and India and integrates history, culture and nature into her creative approach, which are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The Villa Tamaris honours Portugal and France through renowned artists: ceramists, painters, filmmakers and photographers such as Bela Silva, Manoel de Oliveira, Helena Almeida, Alfredo Cunha, Manuela Marqués, David Infante, Tito Mouraz, Catarina Osorio de Castro, Léna Durr and Zagros Mehrkian, as well as looking at the diversity of the various artistic disciplines between 1930 and 2020.

Bela Silva, Sunshine, glazed stoneware, on display at NOMAD Capri

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Kustaa Saksi Retrospective: Aura
ABOA VETUS ARS NOVA, Museum of Archaeology and Contemporary Art
Turku, Finland, 17.6.−9.10.2022

Kustaa Saksi, an artist working in Amsterdam, has created his own kaleidoscopic visual language. In his peculiar style, fractals, migraine patterns, psychedelia, geometry, cultural references, and botany intermix. Saksi directs his attention towards recurring structures and patterns in the world. The mythical motifs and fractal forms repeat themselves following the same pattern: the motif is repeated and grows interminably, reproducing its own form.  His contemporary tapestries incorporate tradition and craft and have been woven since  seven years at TextielLab in Tilburg, in the Netherlands where Saksi has been perfecting and experimenting with weaving processes he describes as “action-painting with warp and weft”.

As his medium, Saksi has chosen a contemporary kind of tapestry, where the interface between the material and the virtual is mixed. At the first floor of Ars Nova’s exhibition, we see tapestries that have been carried out on a computer-operated Jacquard loom in cooperation with Tilburg Textiel Museum’s TextielLab in Holland. In his last series created in 2020, Saksi worked on Mythologies, from the Ancient Greek narratives and African tales to mythologies of indigenous peoples from Taiwan. He has interpreted the narrative through weaving, using texture and pattern.

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