Collectible Design Fair – Group Show


07/03/2018 — 11/03/2018

Group show with Kustaa Saksi, Chen & Williams, Bela Silva, Kaspar Hamacher, Alexia de Ville, Frederik Vercruysse, Laetitia Bica, Isaac Monté @ the 2nd floor, booth 2.9, central stand on the street side of the exhibition hall,
Curated by Lise Coirier & Gian Giuseppe Simeone
scenography by Louisa Vermoere for Spazio Nobile


Link to the catalogue 

Featured artist(s)

Associated artworks

Kaspar Hamacher 
Low Chiseled Bench/ Table

Kustaa Saksi 
Nightless Night

Kustaa Saksi 
In the Fish Trap

Kustaa Saksi 
Arachne’s Web

Chen Chen & Kai Williams 
Caviar Sconces

Bela Silva 
Lamp Grand Perruque

Kaspar Hamacher 
Ausgebrannt Stools Inner Center

Frederik Vercruysse 
Atlantic with yellow jacket

Frederik Vercruysse 
Atlantic with salmon coat

Frederik Vercruysse 
Atlantic with blue shirt