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Idealized landscapes, childhood memories, abstract daydreams… Saudade, the fourth collection by Tenue de Ville, adopts ethereal tones, and dares a singularity that transforms the walls and carries the imagination away. Thanks to its artistic approach and its hand-drawn motifs, Alexia de Ville brings to the interiors new atmospheres since 2014. With Saudade, her fourth collection, make way to risk and contemplation…

Revisiting her career path
Entrepreneur, Alexia de Ville first took a multidisciplinary artistic training in Brussels and London, before launching in 2014 her creative workshop in the Belgian capital. An accomplished visual artist, she takes on all mediums to give substance to her ideas, moving freely from engraving to collage, from drawing to photography, etc., before refining her research with graphic programs. Each year, she brings to life a new collection of high-end wallpapers made in Belgium. “City Garden” in 2015, “Ode” in 2016, then “Balsam” in 2017, and now “Saudade”, a collection that mixes classic drawings, but also experimental digital panels, for which Alexia de Ville goes for very colorful or even disproportionate patterns.

“Saudade” or the fantasy past
With this new collection, Alexia de Ville remains faithful to her inspirations. She mixes pure Japanese lines and Art Deco nuances and reveals more than ever her attraction for contemporary art, architecture, literature, travel photos… Sometimes traditional with its effects of textures and patterns in repetition, sometimes ultra- contemporary with its large “works of art” printed in digital panels, Saudade is a collection unfolding in two parts combining figurative motifs and textures, but also huge panoramic, all on a colorful note both nostalgic and childlike, as the name of the collection itself. Drawings with alcohol felts-tips, Shiboris dyes, colored pencils, Indian ink… The line of the artist is here voluntarily visible and sincere. The result : real murals, with Japanese prints, reinterpreted memories, twisted art deco graphics, marbled and mineral effects, painted with colorful spray-can landscapes, impressive panoramic views, like large paintings, each in six colors. On the color side, bluish greens, powdery pinks and metallic shades set the tone, but bright, vivid tones also emerge in the surprising panoramas of the collection. A new collection daring and full of originality, true to the image of the brand, recognizable and most singular.

An ecological and local concept
The production of Tenue de Ville is always part of a local and environmental approach. As with previous collections, all of Saudade’s work is done in Belgium. The inks used are water based, and the paper is FSC certified, to ensure sustainable forest management.

An e-shop and handpicked collaborations
In addition to its 90 points of sale in Belgium, including the giant Miniox, Tenue de Ville launches in January its e-shop where it presents limited edition collections. Exclusive wallpapers, but also stationery and cushions will be available. To get out of her comfort zone and enrich her creative process, Alexia de Ville organizes, as and when, collaborations with other brands or artists, as recently the photographer Laetitia Bica who realized the 2018 Book, but also the online sales website A LINE STORY, for whom she designed an exclusive collection, not to mention other famous wallpapers publishers.


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