Spazio Nobile & Bela Silva, Brussels Art Square, Sablon Art District

22/09/2022 — 25/09/2022Spazio Nobile & Bela Silva

Art Exhibition
Spazio Nobile & Bela Silva

Ceramic Sculptures & Paintings, 22-25.9.2022

Opening during Brussels Art Square
Thursday 22nd September, 15-22.00, in the presence of the artist
Rue des Minimes, 61A, Brussels, in front of the Minimes Baroque Church

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Photo by Margaux Nieto, Courtesy of the Artist & Spazio Nobile


The exhibition Spazio Nobile & Bela Silva is open:
Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th September, 11-19.00
Sunday 25th September, 11-18.00
The exhibition runs from 22-25.9.2022

Bela Silva, Matin ensoleillé, acrylic, gouache and Indian ink on paper, 164 x 130 cm, framed, signed by the artist /La Palme d’Or, glazed stoneware and cast slips, 85 x 67 cm, unique piece, signed / Rejoins-moi au Colisée, glazed stoneware and cast slips, 55,5 x 46 cm, unique piece, signed

The Jewelry Box Special Offer during B.A.S.
30 Wearable and Wall Jewelry


Codex Mexico, Works on Paper, 2020
30 framed and unframed works on paper from Season XIV- Despierta Corazón Dormido

Spazio Nobile presents the original drawings from the «Codex Mexico» which are still unframed: a tableau vivant of Bela Silva’s series of colourful artworks that are inspired by her travel to Mexico. This corpus of works on paper celebrates Latin-American culture, its history and its diverse craftsmanship. This inspirational trip has infused Bela Silva’s art with new colours and glazes in a cycle of drawings, ceramic works, jewels and more…


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Bela Silva, The Celadon Deep Sea, 2022

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Bela Silva 
Les Éléphants d’Hannibal

Bela Silva 
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Bela Silva 
Mon amour, Mexico

Bela Silva 
Mon amour, Mexico

Bela Silva 
Mon amour, Mexico

Bela Silva 
Mon amour, Mexico

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