Collectible Week at Spazio Nobile

09/03/2023 — 12/03/2023 @ 11:00 Spazio Nobile GallerySpazio Nobile Studiolo

Welcome to the opening
Season XXV- Interlude, Group Show
part of Collectible Week

Spazio Nobile Gallery & Studiolo
Rue Franz Merjay 142 & 169 – 1050 Brussels

Thursday 9th March 2023
Preview Day: 11-17.00 – Vernissage: 18-21.00
Other days: 10-11th March: 10-18.00
Sunday 12th March 2023
Brunch: 11-18.00

In the presence of some artists of the gallery

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Vernissage : Thursday 9th March 2023, 18-21.00
Sunday Brunch : Sunday 12th March, 11-18.00

Spazio Nobile presents Season XXV— Interlude, a Group Exhibition highlighting new contemporary applied art works from more than 20 artists and designers of the gallery crossing collectible experimental design with fine art. Unique and limited editions works are on display at Spazio Nobile Gallery and at Spazio Nobile Studiolo across the street of the main gallery located in a 1920s building close to Brugmann Square in Ixelles district.

Interlude evokes the image of an exhibition between two seasons, an entertaining and eclectic intermission in which Spazio Nobile celebrates 7 years of existence, while drawing creative strength from the multiple sources of contemporary applied arts and design, intertwined with fine art.

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