Rain Wu

Rain Wu is an artist currently living and working in Brussels, Maastricht and London. Her work is conceptually driven and materialises in different forms and scales from drawing, sculpture, food performance to architectural installation. She graduated from the Royal College of Art and University College London. Her art work has been exhibited in Sharjah Biennial, Taipei Biennial, The Palestinian Museum, London Design Biennale, Lisbon Architecture Triennale; she was one of the Designers in Residence at the Design Museum (London) in 2016, associate lecturer at Chelsea College of Art (London), an artist in residence at Fondation Thalie (Brussels) and The Van Eyck Academie(Maastricht). “ The Sea Rises and Totally Still outdoors on an archipelago in Finland in 2019. The morning dew dissolved the painting into brine, until the sun came out to evaporated the moistures to return its original state. The minor disfiguration in this process is part of the work, so are the changing states and they’re instability. Over the last few years, I have intentionally been making artworks with perishable materials to investigate other carriers of knowledge, experience and meanings”, she says. Drawing inspiration and knowledge from academic and scientific fields beyond art and design, the conceptually driven works of British-Taiwanese artist Rain Wu aim to re-imagine our own manifold relationships with nature. Whether it be through drawing, sculpture, food performance or architectural installations, her practice offers us a chance to question the intentions behind the systems that dictate our lives and/or reimagine our traditions and environments — a reflection that is much needed in the turbulent times we live in. She designed the scenography for Season XI- Formosa, A New Layer Taiwan at the gallery and in Paris, at Révélations, Grand Palais, in 2019.

Rain Wu’s works take part in the project Formosa: A New Layer Taiwan meet Yii.

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