Wästberg launched its premier collection in 2008 and although this newcomer appears to have come out of nowhere – nothing could be further from the truth. Its founder, Magnus Wästberg, was born into the lighting trade and had through experience gained an understanding for the need to fuse aesthetic sensibility with Swedish engineering mentality.

Today Wästberg has a growing catalogue developed in close collaboration with some of the World’s most renowned architects and designers, including David Chipperfield, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Ilse Crawford, Industrial Facility, James Irvine, Jonas Lindvall, Jean-Marie Massaud, Nendo, Inga Sempé, Maarten Van Severen and Dirk Winkel.

The lamps have been honoured with more than 50 awards for design excellence, including 9 Good Design Awards, 5 Reddot awards, Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, Elle Interior Design Prize, the Swedish Design Award, Wallpaper Design Award and Designs of the Year. Wästberg is based in Helsingborg, in the southernmost region of Sweden, Skåne.

Products List

W153 Île [Inga Sempé]
A multi-purpose lamp that can be clamped, placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall. The lamp is equipped with an energy-efficient, high quality LED and an adjustable shade with magnet construction that enables smooth movement and easy assembly from compact. Available in poppy red, sky blue, light yellow, grey brown, petrol. Materials: aluminium, LED.

Inga Sempé for Wästberg

W132 [Nendo]

A light fixture made by a system of parts. The height and form of the light can be easily changed by adding and rearranging the components. By attaching the wire unit to the shade it becomes a pendant lamp. Adding a longer post to the lamp makes it a floor lamp. The shade is available in three different shapes: a cone, a sphere and a cylinder. A selection of accessories – a table, a bowl and a bird- cage – made out of the lamp’s standard components, are also available. Materials: Steel and base made of turned steel.

Nendo for Wästberg

W111 [Van Severen]
Wästberg is proudly reintroducing the U-Line lamps designed by late Belgian designer Maarten van Severen. The reintroduction was made possible by close collaboration with both Maarten’s family and The Maarten Van Severen Foundation. With improved mechanical and technical performance and equipped with LED’s, the lamp is now called Van Severen w111. Materials: base in die-cast aluminium, shade and arm in extruded aluminium.

Maarten Van Severen for Wästberg

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