Kristina Riska

Kristina Riska (b. 1960) is a Finnish, Helsinki-based contemporary artist and sculptor. She is widely known for her unique ceramic pieces which are massive in scale, but delicate in detail and form. Riska draws inspiration from the Finnish nature as well as her everyday experiences, feelings and observations. Her work philosophy is based on the combination of three fundamental dimensions: soul, skill and the material.

Riska prefers broken earthy tones of greys, browns and black. Only recently she has however started experimenting with white, blue and glazed surface which refers to the ancient tradition of porcelain and tableware. Riska is a member of the Arabia Art Department Society. It fosters the cultural heritage of the famous Finnish ceramic artists who have worked for the Arabia Factory. Riska has been awarded with numerous awards. Her works are regularly exhibited internationally  and included in several art collections.

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Kristina Riska 
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